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Quoted and cited in New York Times, “Riots Long Ago, Luxury Living Today,” (July 10)
Interviewed for The Monocle Weekly podcast, “The Thinkers Edition: Life in the City” [audio] (July 5)
Interviewed for Political Misfits, “Pandemic, Privatization, a Battle in Brasilia, Black in Aesthetic Only” [audio] (May 7)
Interviewed for Interstitial podcast, “Black in Place” [audio]

Interviewed for Unravel podcast, “Fashion and Architecture in Place: Interview with Dr. Brandi T. Summers” [audio] 


Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “When Faculty of Color Feel Isolated” (October 22)
Interviewed on Richmond NBC12, “Digital Dialogue: A Conversation about Race, Politics in Virginia” (February 12) [video]


Featured in Richmond Magazine, “Roll the Clip” (December 5)
Cited on Me My Thoughts and Eyes podcast, “Feeling Good, Feeling Great” (October 17)
Featured in RVA Magazine, “VCU Professors Take a Critical Look at Black Panther Film” (March 20)



Interviewed for Top Rank podcast, “Elements of Style” [audio]
Interviewed for Fox5NY Films, “Yellow Tape” [video]

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